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Products and Service Capabilities

Active Products:

Detectors, Limiters, Mixers, Pin Switches, and Multifunction
Amplifiers Products:  Cascadable, Gain Stages, High Power, LNA, Surface Mount, T-08 Series, Log amps, DLVA and SDLVA
Antennas:    Custom, High Power, Microwave, Radomes, RCS Products
Box Build Capabilities:      Fabrication for High Level Chasis and Box Carriers
Cable Assemblies:    High Power, Low Loss, Microwave, Phase Matched, RF, Test Equipment
Circulator/Isolators: Broadband Coaxial and Drop-in Custom and Standard Products

Detector Products:

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies:
RF & Microwave:  SMA, SMP, TNC, Type N Custom Products and Float Mount Types

RF and Microwave Detectors, Threshold Detectors, DLVA

Military and Commercial Applications
Filters: VHF to Millimeter all Configuration and Types, RFI and EMI
Integrated Assemblies:   Beam Formers, Down Converters, Millimeter-Multifunction, Up Converters
Oscillator Products: DRO, PLO, Synthesizer, YIG Replacement, Low Noise
Passive Components:  Attenuators, Combiners, Couplers, DC-Blocks, Equalizers, Millimeter Products, Power Divider
Power Supplies: AC/DC and DC/DC Converters, High voltage, VME
Saw Products: Delay Lines, Filters and Saw Multifunction Custom Products
Semiconductors:  FET and GaAs Devices CHIPS and Packaged
Substrate Material:

Switch Products:

Traveling Wave Tubes:
Teflon Fiberglass

Diode Switches and Coaxial Relays

TWT Sources, Amplifiers and Modules
Wave Guide Products: Components and Sub Assembly
Wiring Harnesses: Custom Products:  Wire, Ribbon, Multipin Build to print.

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Matrix Sales Inc.
Phone (978) 459-4000  |  Fax (978) 937-5882